A Positive Outlook for the Housing Market

A Positive Outlook for the Housing Market

Homeowners, potential purchasers, and business professionals are very interested in knowing the trend of property values as the real estate market continues to change. We will examine the situation of the market now and explain why the worst home price reductions are now a thing of the past in this blog post. We will concentrate […]

Mortgage Application Volume Response

Mortgage Application

Mortgage Application Volume Responds Quickly to Recent Rate Drop The number of people applying for mortgages went up once again, for the fifth time in the past six weeks. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), their Market Composite Index, which is a measure of the volume of mortgage loan application submissions, climbed by 5.3 […]

The History of the FDIC – Part IV

Insurance Reform Act

The Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act The Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Act was signed into law in 2006. This act implemented new deposit insurance reform and merged two former insurance funds, the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) and the Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF), together. The new fund was called the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF). The […]

The Impact of Inflation – FDIC Part III

The impact of inflation and bank deregulation in the 1980s, which caused bank failures and led to the creation of the FDIC.

Other significant events during this period include: 1983: Deposit insurance refunds are discontinued.   1987: Congress refinances the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance July.  2012: The FDIC approves a rule that requires insured banks with $50 billion or more in assets to provide the agency with resolution plans in the event that they fail.   2013: Deposits […]

Bank Regulations – FDIC Part II

On June 16, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Banking Act of 1933, a part of which established the FDIC, as a result of the stock market crash and Great Depression. This system provided insurance for each bank and their deposit accounts. At Roosevelt's immediate right and left were Sen. Carter Glass of Virginia and Rep. Henry Steagall of Alabama, the two most prominent figures in the bill's development.

April 18, 2023 A Rocky Start Between 1933 and 1983, banks increased their loans significantly and had a lower rate of increasing loan losses. Consequently, bank assets saw significant growth. In 1947, the lending percentage surged from 16% to 25% of industry assets. In the 1950s, the rate continued to increase and reached 40%. By […]

6 Kitchen Staging Mistakes

Are you planning to sell your home in Myrtle Beach? Staging your kitchen is one of the most important steps in preparing your home for sale. The kitchen is often the focal point of a home, and making a good first impression can help you sell your home faster and for a higher price. However, […]

Don’t Put Off This Common Home Repair…

Home Repair - Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping March 21, 2023 Myrtle Beach is a popular destination for those seeking a coastal getaway, with its sandy beaches, warm climate, and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, it’s important to keep your property in good condition, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to save money on […]

The History of the FDIC (a 5-part series)

FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

The History of the FDIC (a 5-part series) Part 1 The vast majority of individuals are aware that their money in checking and savings accounts is protected by the FDIC; nevertheless, very few are aware of the organization’s history, functions, or the motivations for its founding. The crash of the stock market in 1929 was […]

Revive Lawn Treatment

Mow Your Lawn

February 21, 2023 Winter can be harsh on lawns, especially in areas like Myrtle Beach where the weather can be unpredictable. The snow, ice, and cold temperatures can take a toll on even the healthiest lawns, leaving behind dead grass and bare patches. However, with the help of various websites that focus specifically on revive […]