North Myrtle Beach Spotlight

North Myrtle Beach History North Myrtle Beach is a diverse community located on the north end of the Grand Strand. Everything from quiet beaches to a bustling shopping complex, this community appeals to both tourists and locals alike. The beaches of North Myrtle Beach have long been a popular vacation destination with  Native Americans traveling […]

Golf Course Communities

Golf in Myrtle Beach

Overview The Grand Strand area offers a wide variety of recreational activities for both residents and visitors. One of the most popular activities in the area is golf. Golf tourism has become so prevalent that Myrtle Beach is deemed “The Golf Capital of the World.” With over 80 courses from Little River to Pawleys Island, […]

Why Homes Don’t Sell

Why Homes Don't Sell

Why Homes Don’t Sell There is only one reason for a home not selling INEFFECTIVE MARKETING! Each year countless homesellers lament that their home for sale is languishing far longer than they expected without selling. They then decide to take their home off the market, regroup, reflect or reconsider whether to keep trying for a successful […]

10 Tips to Prep Your Listing for Inspection Day

10 Tips Featured Image

Make Sure the House is Clean The house should be thoroughly cleaned and decluttered before the inspector arrives. This helps the inspector easily access all necessary areas, thus allowing for a smoother inspection. A clean house also “shows” better to the inspector and to all parties that are present at the inspection. Many times, the […]

How to Select the Right Real Estate Agent to Market Your Home

How to Select the Right Real Estate Agent to Market Your Home Considering how many people value their home as their greatest investment and monetary asset, it’s surprising how little strategic thought goes into selecting the right real estate agent when selling that home. Real Living. Real Answers.SM encourages you to base your agent selection […]

Select the Right Home Pricing Strategy

Home Pricing Strategy

Select the Right Home Pricing Strategy Before selecting a price to market your home, you first have to determine the best pricing strategy. Homes, and lifestyles even more so, are not commodities and therefore should not be marketed or priced as interchangeable widgets. Due to this distinction, Real Living is a proponent of a customized […]

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Move

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Move

Overestimate How Much Time it Will Take Moving may seem like a fairly simple task, but the process is very time consuming and involves many different people. It is important to overestimate the amount of time you think each individual task will take. It is better to have extra time instead of not enough. When […]

Grand Strand Overview

Overview The Grand Strand consists of 60 miles of pristine coastline starting in Little River, and extending to the Winyah Bay in Georgetown County. The major areas along the Grand Strand include Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest, Market Common, Surfside Beach, and Pawleys Island. Each of these areas has unique characteristics, […]

Socastee Spotlight

Overview Socastee is a largely residential community located inland from Myrtle Beach. This unincorporated community has roots dating back to 1711 when Percival Pawley received a land grant of 200 acres of land, known as “Sawkestee.” Small, communal developments began to pop up in the area. Well into the 1800’s, the community was known for […]

Murrells Inlet Spotlight

History Murrells Inlet is a gorgeous coastal community located along the Grand Strand. First settled in 1731, the community is beloved for its undisturbed marsh views and now bustling marshwalk. John Murrell, an English settler, was the first person to call the inlet home. As the surrounding areas developed into rice plantations, Murrells Inlet turned […]