6 Benefits of Using a Realtor to Buy a Home

Expert Guidance

Buying a home can be an overwhelming task for many people who attempt the process without the help of a real estate agent. The paperwork, terms, and legal requirements are confusing to the majority of people unlicensed in the real estate industry. REALTORS® are highly trained professionals in all processes that are required by Law in purchasing a home. Clients will not have to simply guess which steps come next or what documents are required for a successful transaction.

A REALTOR® will explain complex terms in an understandable way and make sure their clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process. REALTORS® are also exceptionally knowledgeable about any new regulations and laws. The REALTORS® will know immediately when a circumstance affecting the buying or selling process is changed or modified. By working with a REALTOR®, the client is able to save time from researching the latest regulations, or perhaps, from unintentionally breaking a law.

Better Market Access

Rea Estate Agent

Many buyers know what they are looking for in a home, however, finding that property can sometimes be difficult. People can search the internet and scroll endlessly through listings, but it is impossible for them to know if it is a perfect fit for their lifestyle without the help of a REALTOR®. Oftentimes, the consumer-friendly real estate sites, have out-dated and sometimes incorrect information, regarding a property. REALTORS® belong to a local Board of Realtors who have access to every property as soon as it goes for sale. REALTORS® are experts in their market, and know the ins and outs of residential communities. They will be able to recommend a variety of single-homes, townhouses, or condos based on the clients’ needs.

They will work with clients and will answer any and all questions pertaining to the buying of a property.  Because people lead such busy lives, they do not have the time to schedule showings, research comparable home sales, validate property square footage, material adverse facts about the property, etc. A REALTOR® will do all the necessary research in finding a dream home, the paperwork in contracting a dream home, and guide the client throughout the buying process. The client can simply call their realtor and rest assured that their home buying experience will be stress-free and enjoyable.

Local Knowledge

REALTORS® are experts in the area and in the surrounding communities. They provide knowledge and expert advice to clients as to what areas best fit the buyer’s needs and requirements. Their expertise is especially effective for people relocating to a new city or state. Along the Grand Strand, many people migrate here from various states across the country. A local REALTOR® will educate clients about the market trends, different communities, amenities, schools, restaurants, and local attractions. They understand that a home purchase is one of the largest decisions in life, and are happy to answer questions. Local knowledge of a real estate agent is of the utmost importance in ensuring that buyers understand all of their options and are able to make the right home purchase for themselves.

Objective Opinions

A REALTOR® provides objective opinions for clients throughout the buying process. For example, when people start looking for a home, they usually have a long wish-list of items they desire. Unfortunately, no home is perfect, and will never satisfy every single wish list item. An agent, as an unbiased party, can help clients prioritize their needs from their wants in a home. This helps buyers discover what is most important to them. This new prioritized list will help both the buyer and the agent better pinpoint exactly what they are looking for in potential homes and set expectations early on.

Negotiation Expertise

Real Estate Agent

The negotiating process can be uncomfortable and stressful for buyers who attempt the experience without the assistance of a licensed real estate agent. Real estate agents are trained experts in negotiating. They know how to better serve their clients and get the best deal possible. In addition to negotiating the price, they help buyers negotiate details such as  the terms of the contract, appraisal contingencies, inspection contingencies, closing date, personal items, etc. The ability to use these smaller factors as negotiating pieces may be unknown to or forgotten by buyers. As well as expert help in the negotiation process, agents accept responsibility and do the work for the buyer. This also relieves the buyer of any possible unintentional mistakes. Agents complete all  paperwork, as well as making all necessary phone calls.

Financial Protection

Buying a home is a huge, long-term investment that  involves a major financial commitment. All homebuyers want to be assured they are making a rational decision when they purchase  a property. A REALTOR® can help alleviate much of the fear that comes with making the decision to buy a home. Agents are licensed experts that are legally required to look out for the best interests of their clients. There is also a strict code of ethics for real estate agents that ensures that all advice and services provided by these professionals are ethically correct. The added security of using an agent is invaluable for any person looking to purchase a home.

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