What is a "Broom Clean" Condition Home?

The terms “broom clean” and “broom swept” can be found on real estate contracts and lease agreements to describe how sellers and exiting tenants should clean the property upon moving out. While “broom clean” is not a legal or literal term, it still comes with expectations for leaving the home in a specific condition, and consequences if that condition is not met. In this blog, we share what broom clean means for renters and sellers, and how to properly broom clean your property.

What does it mean for renters?

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When it comes to renters, leaving a rental broom clean means you leave it exactly how you found it upon moving in (minus normal wear and tear as described by the landlord). After moving all your belongings out, you will want to thoroughly clean the unit by dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping. Leaving a unit broom clean is not just a nice gesture for the next renter, but it is required to receive your security deposit back. In addition to conducting a deep clean, you should also repair any alterations you made to the home during your stay. This includes patching holes made by nails and adding a fresh coat of paint to marked walls.

What does it mean for sellers?

Home sellers that are moving out are also expected to leave the home in good condition for the new owners. But unlike home renters, sellers don’t have an obligation to clean due to a lack of security deposit. Instead, leaving a home broom clean is more of a commonly expected courtesy rather than a strict requirement. Buyers don’t necessarily expect your home to be spotless; however, what they do expect is for all of your belongings to be removed. While it may be tempting to leave small items you don’t want to take with you, many contracts require you to remove certain items. If you do want to leave some things behind, ask the buyer if they want them beforehand. In some instances, buyers will try to negotiate for a professionally cleaned home upon the seller moving out. Doing this is not required or customary, however, you may want to consider it if you want the sale to go through smoothly. Keep in mind that professional cleaning will be at a cost to you as a seller.

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How do I "broom clean" my home?

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As a home seller, if you have been asked to leave a home broom clean, focus on removing your belongings, discarding the extra clutter, and doing a basic floor sweep. Broom cleaning is all that is reasonably expected from sellers, as buyers should be prepared to conduct a thorough cleaning before moving everything in. As long as you put forth an effort to make the home tidy and appealing, the buyers will take it over from there.

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