The Best Renovations for Resale

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is a great investment for a property. When selling a home, a kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire house. A kitchen is the most used room by many families, and therefore they are willing to pay more for a better kitchen. A kitchen can be improved both in minor and major ways. Minor improvements include adding or changing the backsplash, painting existing cabinets, replacing hardware, and upgrading countertops. Major renovations to a kitchen can be completely redesigning the layout of the room, switching out cabinets, and installing new appliances.

New Front Door

Front Door

The front door of a home is many times the first impression someone has when visiting a house. Replacing the front door is an easy and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of a home. By replacing a front door, the home’s curb appeal instantly improves. When people are looking at the outside of the home, they will be drawn to the appealing new front door. In addition to appearances, a new front door is also practical. A smart door handle can be added to the new front door to improve security and add features to the entrance.

Conversion to a Bedroom

The number of bedrooms present in a home is a major factor in the value of a property. If there is unused or underutilized space in a home, converting that area into a bedroom is a great investment that will increase the value of the home. Whether it be an unfinished basement or attic or a room like an office, converting these rooms into a bedroom is a smart investment for a homeowner. To be considered a bedroom, a room must have at least 2 exit points(doors or windows) and be large enough for a bed and closet. These requirements need to be met when converting a space into a bedroom. In addition to increasing the value of the home, adding an extra bedroom makes the home appealing to larger families.

Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement

Replacing garage doors is both an aesthetically pleasing and practical home improvement project. Garage doors are, especially if they are front-facing, make up a large portion of the exterior of the home. If garage doors look dingy and old, then the entire house will look outdated. Garage doors come in a variety of options and can therefore be chosen to enhance the curb appeal of the home. Replacing garage doors is also a practical improvement for a home. New garage doors have smart capabilities that are not present in older doors. Many new garage doors can be remotely controlled by a smartphone, and therefore make them more usable.

Attic Insulation

Adding attic insulation is an extremely practical and useful improvement to a home. Insulation makes a home more comfortable and energy-efficient for homeowners. Without insulation, a home is drafty and easily influenced by the outside temperature. Added insulation will help a home better heat and cool. In addition to better-regulated temperatures, utility bills will also be affected. Insulation makes a home more efficient and therefore will decrease utility bills. Potential buyers will appreciate this improvement for its practicality in both areas.

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