At one time or another, you may have used the terms “renovation” and ‘remodel” interchangeably when discussing a home alteration. However, both the renovation and the remodeling process are very different from one another. Generally, renovation is defined as restoring something to a state it was previously in, while remodeling is defined as changing the form of something to be entirely different. In this blog, we will discuss the definitions and differences between renovation and remodeling in detail.


As broadly mentioned in the introduction, renovation simply means to revive or refresh. In the world of housing, making home renovations is the act of updating an old or damaged feature of the home to be new and visually appealing. Home renovations can range anywhere from doing small repairs, such as repainting a room or replacing doorknobs, or larger changes, such as restoring hardwood floors or replacing cabinets. While a renovation can apply to many changes in the home, it is important to note that renovation never includes dramatic alterations, such as changing the structure of the home or the flow pattern of the space. Many homeowners perform renovations for visual appeal, however, renovations may also be needed to keep the home safe. These types of repairs can include repairing a broken window, replacing locks, and sealing any gaps in the home. Making renovations may be especially beneficial to home sellers because it can make the room attractive and feel personalized to the desired lifestyle. Depending on the type of renovation, the home’s value may be positively affected as well. Because renovations are focused on adding value to the home through repairs, not restructuring, they are more cost-effective than a complete room or home remodel.


The dictionary definition of remodeling is “to alter the structure of,” which is exactly what remodeling entails in housing. The goal of remodeling a home is to permanently transform the layout and structure of a room by performing dramatic alterations to the space. Remodeling allows a space to be reconfigured to perform new functions that the homeowner desires. Examples of remodeling include creating an open-concept layout by combining the kitchen and living room spaces and installing a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Homeowners often remodel to boost the aesthetics of the home, as well as improve functionality based on their lifestyle. Homeowners may also opt to remodel a home to suit their growing needs because it is less expensive than buying a new home entirely. If a homeowner is looking to sell, a remodel may also significantly increase the value of the home, depending on the remodel size and type. During the remodeling process, many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as electricity and plumbing. Due to the risk of altering a home’s structure, professionals should be hired to complete or aid in the remodeling process. Because a home remodel is complicated and involves many factors, it can be very expensive to complete.

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