Pros of For Sale by Owner


One of the main reasons the option of For Sale by Owner is so attractive to many homeowners is the possibility of saving money on the commission that would be paid to a realtor. Usually, a homeowner will pay 5-6% of the closing price to the agent. If a homeowner decides to sell the home on their own without assistance from a realtor, they will be able to save the money that would have been spent as commission. This saved money can be reinvested in a new home or used for other expenses associated with the process of selling a home. Another advantage of For Sale by Owner is that the homeowner will have complete control over the listing price and decisions on offers. Many people feel confident in what they feel their home is worth, and For Sale by Owner allows for them to stick to that price without being influenced by outside opinions.


Time Commitment

One of the largest factors influencing the decision between using a realtor and going for sale by owner is time. This includes the time commitment of the homeowner and the timeline expected for the process. If a homeowner is willing to commit a significant amount of time and be patient during the entire process, then for sale by the owner may be a viable option. Homeowners need to make a realistic evaluation of how much time they can commit and what timeframe they want the house to be sold in before they make a decision. Selling without a realtor can take longer, so a homeowner needs to allow for this increase in the timeline. For sale by owner, properties tend to sell quicker in markets with a shortage in inventory. If the current market is struggling for inventory, people looking to purchase a home are more likely to consider for sale by owner properties. This specific market condition can help to speed up the process for sale by owner properties and make this option more appealing.


Homeowners who choose to go for sale by owner can utilize their skills and knowledge along with resources that can be found online. While realtors are experts about real estate markets and processes, homeowners are experts about their own homes. Homeowners are the people who possess the most knowledge about their property and can therefore use this information to market and sell their homes. Whether it be the best qualities of the location of the home or the selling point of the actual home, homeowners can provide knowledge about nearly everything about their home. Homeowners also each possess different skills. Many homeowners have a background in sales or marketing and can use these capabilities throughout the process of selling their homes. With the presence of the internet, homeowners can now find the answers to many questions they may have when trying to sell their homes on their own. Many websites can explain everything from closing paperwork to how to market a home.


Emotions of Selling a Home

Selling a home can be an emotional process for homeowners. Family memories and traditions are attached to the home, and it can be difficult for homeowners to let go of these things. Since this process can be so emotional, it is helpful for many homeowners to feel like they are in control. For sale by owner allows for homeowners to make decisions that they are comfortable with while they are dealing with the emotions of the process. Another emotional factor involved with selling a home is trusting a realtor. Many homeowners have had bad past experiences with a realtor, and would rather take on the process alone instead of trusting another real estate professional. The sense of control for sale by the owner allows for many homeowners to better deal with the emotions involved and feel more satisfied with the decisions made throughout the entire process.

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