Myrtle Beach Spotlight


Myrtle Beach, SC is a bustling community filled with amazing beaches, attractions, and restaurants. While Myrtle Beach is now one of the busiest travel destinations in the world, this has not always been the case. It is hard to imagine that such a developed community could have humble beginnings dating back to the Native Americans. Long before Europeans settled the area, Native Americans called the Grand Strand home. Kings Highway, one of the busiest roads in Myrtle Beach, even began as an Indian Trail. An initial attempt at European settlement by Spain in 1526 was a disaster with the population dying off within a year from sickness. English colonists later began settling the area in the1700s . Little development of the community took place until the1900s. The Burroughs & Collins Company built the Seaside Inn as Myrtle Beach’s first hotel near the turn of the century. In the 1920s, more development began to take place. Wealthy businessmen began to design and build an exclusive resort called Arcady that would feature what is presently known as Pine Lakes International Country Club and the Ocean Forest Hotel. This development would give birth to the golf tourism industry in Myrtle Beach and Sports Illustrated magazine.. In the 1960s, the golf industry began to explode in the area with multiple courses being added each year. Myrtle Beach now welcomes over 19 million visitors each year. Growth has been and continues to be central to life in Myrtle Beach. With an ever growing tourism industry and permanent population, Myrtle Beach still continues to develop to meet new needs of the area


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Myrtle Beach seems to have attractions and events on every street corner. One of the largest attractions in the area is Broadway at the Beach. Broadway at the Beach is a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex with renowned restaurants such as the ever-popular Hard Rock Cafe and family favorite, Paula Deen’s Family Restaurant.  In addition to restaurants, the complex also offers many attractions. Broadway at the Beach encompasses  an aquarium, multiple theaters, shopping venues, and fireworks throughout the year. Another major attraction in the area is Skywheel Myrtle Beach. Reaching a height of almost 200 feet, it offers unparalleled views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding areas. Each family boards their own private climate controlled gondola for three to four revolutions. The Carolina Country Music Festival is hosted in Myrtle Beach each summer. This festival features some of the biggest names in country music and brings thousands of visitors to the area. Myrtle Beach provides some of the best attractions in the Grand Strand for both vacationers and permanent residents.

Golf Courses

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Golf tourism is one of the largest industries in Myrtle Beach. With it being one of the largest destinations for golfers, the Myrtle Beach area has over 100 courses. The oldest golf course in Myrtle Beach is Pine Lakes Country Club. Nicknamed “The Granddaddy,” the course was designed by Robert White and features rolling hills and multiple freshwater lakes. Another course in the area is Myrtlewood Golf Club. Myrtlewood Golf Club is one of the most popular courses in Myrtle Beach due to its convenient location and gorgeous views of the Intracoastal Waterway. The course underwent extensive renovations in 2019 to the bunkers and greens. One of the most unique courses in Myrtle Beach is World Tour Golf Links. This course was designed so that each hole is modeled after famous golf courses from around the world. From Augusta National in Georgia to to St. Andrews in Scotland, this course takes you on a tour of the best golf courses the world has to offer. Myrtle Beach continues to host a thriving golf industry.

Real Estate Market

Myrtle Beach real estate has become extremely popular in recent years among vacationers and permanent residents alike. Many people are making the decision nationwide to move to the area, whether to buy a vacation home or a permanent residence. Last year nationally, vacation home sales rose by 16.4% and home prices in vacation home counties increased by 14.2%. In addition to the growth in vacation home buyers, Horry County is also experiencing a large influx of permanent residents. In the past year, Horry County has welcomed over 30,000 new homeowners to the area. This national trend can also be seen in the Myrtle Beach real estate market. In the past five years, the median home price has risen over $80,000 from $296,433 in October of 2016 to $380,000 in October of 2021. Homes are also selling much quicker than five years ago. Homes sold in an average of 174 days in 2016, and now homes are currently selling in 121 days. With such a hot real estate market, 99% of homes on the market are selling at list price.

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