Why Listing Photos Matter

With more homebuyers using the internet as a means for house hunting, high-quality pictures have become crucial for sellers to get leads on their listing. According to studies conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 92% of homebuyers use internet-based services to find homes, and 85% of buyers have found that viewing photos of the home were useful in making a purchasing decision. Researchers have also found that internet users have a short attention span, with 95% of homebuyers viewing the first photo in a set of listing photos for a total of 20 seconds before getting distracted by another element on the webpage. We can draw one simple conclusion about house hunters from these statistics: the first impression is the last. By providing buyers with high-quality listing photos of all areas of the house, sellers can maximize their potential for finding serious leads.

Using a Professional Photographer


While professional photography may be a pricey investment, the results will be significantly higher in quality than the photos taken by yourself for a few reasons. First, professional photographers use advanced cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment to perfect the shot, resulting in a high-resolution photo. They also have an understanding of angles in the home and have wide-angle lenses that are necessary to capture as much of the room as possible without skewing the perspective. In addition, photographers possess an understanding of the lighting of the home and know how to use lighting equipment to allow every room to be well-lit, even if it lacks a natural light source. Once the photos have been taken, photographers will edit the final touches to ensure the details of the home are well-represented in the photos. The final advantage of photographers is the amount of time saved by allowing a professional to work their photo magic; this saved time can allow you to focus on other factors of the home listing process.

How to Prepare Your Home

The first step in preparing for polished listing photos is to declutter the house, especially focusing on the commonly used areas. Kitchens are a focal point in the house, and can often be a “make or break” deal for the buyer. Perform a deep clean throughout the kitchen, paying special attention to cabinets, stoves, ovens, and floors. It is also a good idea to remove appliances, utensils, dinnerware, and cleaning supplies from view. If you want to make your kitchen have a lived-in look while remaining neat, consider staging with decorative hand towels, a table runner, and a table or counter centerpiece. Once the kitchen is polished, start working on the rest of the home. First, remove all clutter in the home by storing clothes, shoes, trinkets, and any other personal use items in areas that will not be photographed. Next, remove all personal memorabilia, such as family photos, from the area to allow the buyer to separate the home from the current owners. Deep clean all areas of the home, including scrubbing tiling and carpet flooring and making sure the existing furniture is free of stains. Don’t forget to dust the lighting fixtures and trim/baseboards, as these are easily overlooked. Finally, stage the home to provide buyers with a space of endless possibilities. This can be done by strategically placing minimal decor and decluttering spaces to allow them to form a mental picture of what the room could be used for. Always remember that less is more when staging a home.

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