How to Move a Stagnating Property


Selling a home can be a stressful and emotional process for homeowners. A home is not only a place where people reside but also where life happens and memories are made. This means that homeowners hold a deep emotional attachment to the house, and therefore can easily become frustrated if it sits on the market for extended periods. A home that sits on the market without any offers is considered stagnant. A stagnate home can be a source of stress for homeowners who either need or want to sell the home. A stagnate home can be due to either market conditions or attributes of the property itself. While homeowners are not able to change the market conditions, there are ways that they can help to move their property off of the market. Below are some tips and ideas for how to move a stagnating property.

New Pictures

Take New Pictures

One way to help move a stagnating property is to take new professional pictures of the home. The majority of people searching for a home will view pictures of properties online before they go to see them in person. This means that the first impression buyers have of a home will most likely be the pictures attached to the online posting. Retaking professional pictures of a home could help to move a stagnating home by allowing the online pictures to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Before retaking pictures, homeowners should declutter and tidy- up the home. A home with minimal clutter photographs well and will also show better in person. Retaking pictures is also a good time to highlight any selling points of the home that were not properly highlighted in the original pictures. Selling points of properties need to be shown off in the listing pictures to attract buyers to the home. 

Show Off the Location

Location can be a major selling point of a home. Showcasing the neighborhood and surrounding area of a home is a great way to move a stagnating property. Potential buyers are not only looking at the home itself but also the location of the home. If a potential buyer is not local to the area, they may not be familiar with the area surrounding a home. Local buyers may be generally familiar with the community in which a home is located, but they most likely will not be familiar with specific neighborhood amenities. For both groups, emphasizing the location of a home can increase interest in the property and help to sell the home. This can be accomplished by taking drone pictures of the home, neighborhood, and surrounding areas. Drone photos are a great way to show the lot on which the home sits, neighborhood amenities, and closely located shops, restaurants, and community centers.

Home Improvement Projects

An area of a home for sale that does not show well can cause a property to stagnate. Whether it be an outdated kitchen or scuff marks on walls, potential buyers can easily be scared off by cosmetic problems. Homeowners can invest in their homes further by taking on home improvement projects that help to sell the home and perhaps even increase the value. A small renovation, such as repainting, can help to move a stagnating property. It will make a home look less lived-in and better maintained. A major renovation such as redoing a kitchen or bathroom is a major financial investment but has the possibility of increasing the value of the home. Before taking on a major renovation, homeowners trying to sell their homes should consult with a realtor to find out if it is a smart investment. After completing renovations, pictures should be retaken to show off the newly improved home.

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