A Challenging Task

The process of searching for a home can be an exciting, yet difficult process. With so many options for the size, style, and price of the home, future homebuyers may find themselves overwhelmed. In addition to the features and affordability of the home, home buyers must also decide on an area they would like to live in. Choosing a neighborhood can be especially challenging when relocating to a new and unfamiliar city. In this blog, we share some factors you should consider when searching for a neighborhood that is a perfect fit for you and your family. 

Neighborhood Safety

neighborhood safety

Safety is a very important factor when determining what area you would like to live in, especially if you have children. When on the search for a neighborhood, it is a good idea to research the crime statistics of the area. You can find criminal reports through city websites or by contacting local law enforcement officials. You can also gather information about criminal activity by using the Federal Bureau of Investigation Crime Data Explorer, which allows you to discover the details and the frequency of offenses in your desired community. A good indicator of safety in the area is the presence of a neighborhood watch group, which can be found by asking local law enforcement or neighborhood residents. You may also want to consider speaking to residents of the community for their opinions on the safety of the area, and whether they would recommend living there.

Proximity to Necessities

Determining how important convenience is to you can also help you determine what neighborhood would be the best option. If you find that being able to quickly run errands by going to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy is a determining factor for your decision, try mapping out where neighborhoods are in proximity to stores. In addition to stores, also consider how close you will be to hospitals, emergency services, and doctor’s offices. The distance to your current (or future) job is another important consideration, as well as child care services and schools. You may also find it helpful to create a route that you would likely use to reach all the necessary stores and offices if you lived in that neighborhood. By setting how far you are willing to commute to these places, you can eliminate neighborhood options based on distance and convenience.

grocery shopping

School District

school district

If you have kids or are planning on having kids, the school district used by residents of the neighborhood is another factor to consider. Many families prioritize finding a well-performing school district and use a variety of determinants to find the best one. Researching the curriculum used by schools and the resulting test scores is how some parents choose. You may also find the options available for extracurricular activities and sports programs to be an important factor in allowing your children to be actively involved in the school and the local community. Parent involvement can be another consideration, and is determined by researching details about the Parent Teacher Organization/Association.

Nearby Parks

Outdoor amenities are another important factor for neighborhood choice, especially if you have pets and/or enjoy an active lifestyle. Consider whether the inclusion of sidewalks, parks, and walking trails is important to you and your family. While sidewalks may not be a deal breaker, they allow neighborhood residents to stroll through the area safely. If the neighborhood you are considering does not have a park or large area for outdoor activities, you may want to consider the commute to the nearest park and/or dog park. If you are a fan of hiking, you may also want to factor in how close the neighborhood is to state parks or hiking trails. 

dog park

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