Hot New Home Trends for 2022


For nearly the past two years, people have remained in their homes with their current interior design choices. This has led to people focusing more on improving the interior and exterior of their homes. This increased interest in interior design caused trends to cycle extremely quickly, resulting in a somewhat confused state of mind for many. It is difficult to know what trends will last and those that may be quickly forgotten.  When renovating and redesigning a home, it is important to make decisions that will be pleasing to you for years to come. Below are some 2022 home trends that we believe will stand the test of time.


Home Tends- Textures

For all rooms within the house, the use of texture is going to be widely used in 2022. Texture can be added to a room in a variety of ways through furniture, pillows, and walls. Varying fabrics on furniture and pillows can be used to create interest in an area. This can create warmth and make a room seem welcoming and inviting. Another easy way to add texture to a room is with the use of wallpaper, 3D wall panels, and faux finishing. Due to a wide array of various wall treatments, people can show off their personalities while adding textures to a space.

Curved Furniture

Sharp furniture lines have been in style for many years, but there has recently been a move to curved statement pieces. In the past, furniture was seen as only useful for function. Now, there is a move to bring together function and style in furniture. Curved pieces of furniture serve as both a piece of art and a necessary part of the room. This trend is most common in living rooms, as many people are adding curved sofas to their spaces. These curved lines make a room seem softer and more inviting to people entering the living area.

Decorative Cabinetry

Cabinetry is a major piece in bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. While cabinets tend to blend in, there is a trend in using cabinets that make a statement. For example in the past few years, shaker-style cabinets have been widely used in new homes and renovations. This subdued style allowed for homeowners and designers to add interest through other pieces such as tile and countertops. Now, people are using the cabinet as the statement piece in a room. This trend is most common in bathrooms, with people choosing a bold cabinet and neutral tile and countertops.

Fun Foyers

The foyer is the first room that guests see when they enter a room. Even though this is a high-traffic area in most homes, it is many times overlooked when designing a home. Recently, people have begun to see how they can style their foyer to create an interesting space for guests and residents of the home. To enhance this room, bold colors and patterns can be used to add interest to a smaller area of a home.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

As people have been stuck in their homes for almost two years, they have begun to realize the value of outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces add additional room for homeowners to enjoy and in which to entertain. To fully enjoy these outdoor living spaces, people are beginning to update and improve these areas in a variety of ways. Some people are opting for large-scale renovations such as adding a pool and/or outdoor kitchens. While these additions can be expensive, they will completely transform the exterior of a home. On a smaller scale, some people are updating their patio furniture and decor. Whether it be a major construction project or a smaller update of furniture, updating outdoor spaces is a great way to utilize additional space in a home.


As people are becoming more conscious of their impact on the environment, they are bringing this mindset into their homes. People are making an effort to make their homes more environmentally friendly and sustainable. One way people are doing this is by updating current pieces of their homes with more energy and water-efficient alternatives. Some of these pieces include windows, air conditioners, and water heaters. Another way people are improving their footprint is through buying recycled or sustainable products for the design of their homes. Whether it be building materials like tile or pieces of furniture, people are becoming more conscious of how these products impact the environment.

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