Cons of For Sale by Owner


While the thought of paying 5-6% of the contract price to a realtor may seem like a large amount, realtors provide a significant amount of value. Realtors both provide many different services along with helping to get as much for the home as possible. Without the help of a realtor, homeowners have to decide on the listing price and negotiate any offers they receive on their own. Realtors are skilled at both evaluating the market for the listing price and negotiating offers to receive the best deal possible. Overall, realtors help homeowners to receive as much as possible for their homes. While listing with a realtor requires the homeowner to pay a commission, the realtor will most likely make up this fee through their services and increased sales price.


Time Con of For Sale by Owner

Selling a home is an extremely time-consuming process that requires expertise and knowledge to keep it moving at a quick pace. Selling a house consists of many different steps, multiple sets of paperwork, and availability for meetings and appointments. Homeowners have lives and jobs that will interfere with the time commitment going for sale by the owner will require. Trying to juggle all the normal responsibilities of life along with everything involved with selling a home can be extremely overwhelming for homeowners who take on this process alone. Realtors can also help with speeding up the process of selling a home. Homes for sale by owners tend to sit on the market for much longer than those listed by a real estate professional. In addition to sitting longer on the market, the other steps in the process will also take longer without the expertise of an agent. Whether it be finding an inspector or filling out closing paperwork, the knowledge of a realtor will make the process occur at a quicker pace.


Realtors can provide expert knowledge about every topic a homeowner faces when selling their home. Homeowners possess sufficient knowledge about their homes, but not about the real estate market as a whole or many of the steps involved in selling a home. It is unlikely that a homeowner will know what strategy will work best for selling their home or how to properly fill out the many legal documents. Realtors will be able to provide advice and guidance in these 2 areas along with many other topics. Realtors are also trained on how to keep a home safe. It is fairly common for people to pose as potential buyers looking at a home, but they are just casing the property to rob or vandalize it on a future date. Realtors are experts at spotting these individuals and can help your property to remain safe throughout the entire process.


Emotion Moving Houses

Homeowners tend to be very emotionally attached to their property and this can lead to some challenges for the option of for sale by the owner. To have an accurate estimate of the value of a home, emotions have to be completely taken out of the equation. Homeowners can’t give an unbiased opinion, and therefore they cannot provide a reliable opinion on the market value of their home. A realtor is a completely independent opinion on what the home can be expected to sell for. Selling a home also comes with receiving many different opinions about the home. If a homeowner decides on for sale by the owner, they will be the people who receive every negative comment made about their home. If a realtor is involved, they can be a filter that can soften the blow of criticisms that need to be addressed in a home.

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