7 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

List at the Right Price

Determining what price to list a home at can be a difficult task for homeowners. Listing too high can lead to the home sitting on the market and not selling. Listing too low can lead to the homeowner not receiving as much as possible for the home. It is a tricky juggling act of evaluating the home’s selling points, downfalls, location, and other factors specific to the home, all within the context of the current real estate market. Real estate agents are professionals who are experts in evaluating homes and applying that evaluation to the market. They are able to find the perfect listing price so that clients sell their home at the highest possible price within a timely manner. 

Better Home Presentations

Having a home looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible is now more important than ever as  listed on the internet. Professional photographs are provided for an online listing and can often determine if buyers make the decision to view  the property in person. Real estate agents are able to help homeowners decide what improvements need to be done to a home before it is listed on the market. Whether it be painting a room or recommending the staging of a home, an agent is an expert in knowing what buyers are looking for. An  improved presentation of a home will lead to more interest, less time on the market, and a higher selling price.

Get More Buyer Exposure

Gaining buyer exposure is vital to a home selling quickly and at a high price. The more exposure a listing gains, the more likely the perfect buyer is to find the property. Real estate agents have their own network of connections and buyers which enables them  to market listings. Many agents also work for an agency that is composed of several realtors. That agent is then able to give information to other realtors who may have buyers interested in the property. They are also able to provide open houses and help with showings when necessary.

Higher Offers from Buyers

Real estate agents are professionally skilled  in encouraging the highest offers from buyers. Communication with the buyer’s real estate agent provides additional information that could warrant a buyer offering a higher price. Although real estate agents are experts at knowing how to market the property they also highlight features that lead to higher offers. Agents are also able to provide deadlines for offers and answer questions buyers may want answered before making an offer.

Negotiate Inspection Results

Once an offer has been accepted, a home inspection will be conducted in most instances. The home inspection can cause anxiety for homeowners and lead to issues with the sale of many homes. Without a real estate agent, the homeowner would be alone in dealing with negotiating the inspection results with the buyer and then deciding how to best remedy the issues. A real estate agent is an expert in negotiating inspection results, so that the sale continues smoothly and the homeowners experience minimal stress from the process. Agents will review the list, recommend necessary bids from contractors, and consult with the homeowners before they begin the negotiation process. During negotiating, the agent will work towards the best possible scenario for the homeowner.

Speeds Up Time to Close

The time between accepting an offer and closing can be a somewhat  chaotic  and hectic time for homeowners. A real estate agent can help to alleviate much of the stress that comes with the closing process. They are knowledgeable experts  who are able to answer any questions that their clients may have. To ensure that closing occurs in a timely manner, they will negotiate the closing date as part of the offer. This helps to speed up the closing process by allowing homeowners to choose a date that works best for them. Agents also have connections to companies that provide closing services. These connections are trusted to work efficiently so that the closing process continues smoothly. 

Home Sells at Top Dollar

Getting top dollar for a home can be nearly impossible without the assistance of a real estate agent. Agents can begin assisting with this goal before the home hits the market. From recommending a list price to suggesting home improvements, they help place homeowners in the best position possible when the home is listed. Once the home is listed, they market the property and provide any services necessary in showing the home. Once an offer is received, the agent is trained in negotiating skills to help homeowners receive as much as possible from that offer. If multiple offers are received, they also can help with deciding which offer to accept or further negotiate.

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